Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No MY Dad can beat up your Dad

But seriously. He can. Do you remember having those arguments with your friends in elementary school? I totally do! And I still think my dad can take your dad and using only his witticisms. Hah.

I just needed to let the whole world know how wonderful my parents are and if yours are not I am sure my parents would take you in, I am currently not using them and they have three bedrooms available. 2109 Churchill Drive. Terrace.

My lovely, lovely parents sent me over a care package sent with Nancy and Serge Bersaglio, the Village of Hope directors who were coming back from Canada. They sent so many goodies!!!! Including vacuum sealed Tim Hortons coffee!!! Sewing needles, DVDs, and ten rolls of tape!! Oh happy day! Love and miss you guys as i'm sitting here eating breakfast with my Timmys coffee thinking about you. 

PS That is Jerry my giraffe beside me, I rescued the lil guy from the market he has only one ear.


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