Saturday, August 13, 2011

Has anything funny happened to you lately?

WELL let me tell YOU because I know you want to get this imagery engraved into your noggin..

It was a bright and sunny morning like all mornings are here in Zambia and all seemed most tranquil... I had to use the lil girls room in a bad way so blearily I hopped out of bed and found I had to use the second bathroom the very creepy/slightly damp/boarder lining inhospitable bathroom as Liz was having a shower in the other. Well you know how it is got ready to sit down and then suddenly I felt something underneath my foot and looked down to see something of no small size squirming, squealing, and struggling to get out, needless to say I jumped up screaming ran down the hall with my pjs half off, and booked it right out the door. New record. Liz with perfect timing having just emerged from the loo could not stop laughing at me and then after about twenty minutes five minutes my heart resumed its normal rate and I was able to laugh about it. I am still alive praise Jehovah!

Still do not know what it was or where it went.. shudderrrrr...

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