Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I am sick today

My body decided it wanted to retain a head cold and stay at home this morning so I was forced to comply. The day started with tea and Robin Hood and is ending with tea and Muppet Treasure Island! Seriously am a kid at heart and not ashamed! There is something so comforting when you are sick and you're watching movies you used to watch when you were young, maybe it's nostalgia but I think that I just never stopped loving Disney movies.  

"...Sailing for adventure..!"
Pass me my grog and a felted animal please lets piratey! Bahaha.. yeah ok I will get some sleep too


  1. Sucks you are sick. On the plus side you got to watch the muppets! Never a bad thing. I got a wisdom tooth pulled today so I think tomorrow I might dust off my own chuldhood movies (Transformers and The Muppet Movie). Hope you get better soon.

  2. Transformerrs more than meets the EYEeeeyyee!
    Transformers robots in desguise!!
    Superb. Take those drugs and feel better!