Sunday, February 6, 2011

A roof over my head

This cute little abode is going to be my home in Zambia for the next year starting in April! It has ten foot walls around it with electric fencing on top of that so it is fairly safe I would say. I will be living here with another missionary lady named Liz who from what I hear is quite "spunky" Hoorah!

Those pasty white walls tho need some graffiti  like my skin needs a tan so I will def have to do something about this. My house must reach ultimate steezyness so maybe a blow up pool in the front? check yes!
(Also the round area in the front is where I will be sun tanning on weekends awwee yeeaahh I am stoked)

But for real, I am getting really excited as the day is drawing verrrryy near!! I still need to raise about $3500 so I need lots of prayer for that but it still looks like I am going for sure so weeeeee!