Saturday, November 19, 2011

On the rooooad again

I have a brand new pretty picture for my blog! I love it and best of all it's in Zambia and in the Village of Hope van so it's kinda going with the whole 'living in Africa' theme I got goin on. Faaaantastic.
Picture compliments of Rachel Chapman beautiful lady, avid photographer, and rad roomie!

I know what your thinking - This girl has been in Africa for seven months and she still looks like angel food cake! I AM WORKING ON IT !! It has taken me this long to look like that! Just have some patience I will try to look like black forest cake by the time I come home.
Recently in the beautiful country of Zambia it has been a wee bit chilly. Chilly being sometimes twenty-five degrees yeah I know get the parkas and ear muffs!! But that's almost what happens here so I wasn't actually lying about that. I put on a light sweater and I see people putting their coats and tuques on, I know I have acclimatized somewhat but definitely not there yet I still appreciate the cold days and do welcome them heartily! I just checked the weather forecast and it is rainy and stormy down the board and you do not know how happy that makes me :) I think that my body is thinking "Uhm where's the snow?? This is weird." So the cold is welcome. I will definitely miss snowboarding this year but I will of course live... and get my sun tan on instead HAH! Black forest cake here I come, I am jealous of your snow but thinking of you wanting my sun makes me feel better. :)


There was a very unfortunate incident one night when I accidentally smoked Jerry in the face with my foot! He fell over and broke one horns off and his other ear, he was already missing an ear and so then he looked like he was flipping the bird to everyone with his head. Talented giraffe. 

I finally bought some glue the other day and fixed up his noggin he's bandaged up in the picture. But I thought the poor veteran should have a family portrait, it was the least I could do after dismembering the guy.