Friday, March 25, 2011

I need parachute pantaloons

I leave for London in a few hours! Currently in denial that I am not nervous.
So I plan on taking a heavy dose of Gravol and Nightquill and not seeing the light of day until I land.

Phrases like "Who let me do this!?!?" are running through my head. I am wondering why I am here and where is the nearest escape hatch cause I am about to fling myself out of it.

I am jumping. I was first excited for this because it was a new adventure and I wanted something thrilling in my life. I love change. So it was mostly about that for awhile, the excitement, but over a period of time though things changed.I felt like God was making me focus on all the things that I could share and teach, making the benefits for myself nothing.When God wants you to do something I feel he will also give you the heart to do it and the desire. Or maybe that desire was already there? I don't know but when I first said yes to this crazy charade I was all about how I would be changed and how much it would help me and my spiritual life. And I am sure this is true but now I am finding myself more focused on how much I can give and how many lives God can impact through a willing person. So many I think.
So this is what I want... a pillow and a blanky, crackers and cheese, a very willing heart, and for my first day in Africa to be nothing but sitting and laughing with people I don't know yet but will.

Right now I am sitting in the airport thinking about getting a caramel machiato from starbucks (will be my last for a year!) just chillin talking to Jesus and oh man... it feels really good, and so good to relax it is ridiculous.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tell your story...

Well, I am not going to lie to you folks.. I have definitely thought of the best invention ever known to the fashion kingdom since onesie penguin suits. Prepare yourselves. For the supreme freshness of it!


"Do you ever get tired of sharing your faith the same old way? Well say HELLO to our new portable (and stylish!) story telling sweaters! It's fun for the whole family as well as the ultimate party pleaser, your office work parties won't know what hit them! Purchase a fun filled felted fleece today!

"Share your faith... the felted way."

(Warning: stay out of strong breezes)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So soon...

I leave in approximatively 15 days everyone!!! (insert shock and awe..)
God is being so cool and faithful. As I am trying to get everything together to leave hes just lining everything up for me and giving me all my needs.. so rad. My faith is just getting madly increased and my conviction and confidence of going has reached 100%
Let me just give you a teeny example of how rad my God is..
Three days ago I still needed $1055.24 for my trip, Over the weekend I received 1615.10! HAAYYOOH!!
Can I get a HALLELUJAH!! Raaaise the praaaise!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tea Party Fundraiser!

Had such a great weekend, yesterday I was able to have a Tea Party fundraiser for my coming adventure. It was a ladies only shindig, super relaxed and fun. I don't think that we do that enough! Ladies we need to get together and bond. Share stuff with each other and encourage one another even if it's just hanging out drinking tea and eating (Jaime eating). Getting together makes us feel united so do it more! We are awesome, believe it ladies!
It was a success though, lots of ladies lots of food and we drank tea out of real china cups which made me happy.
Thank you all for coming and for listening to me talk about what I am going to be doing in Zambia, and for your very generous donations I felt very blessed.. everyone is just too nice!