Friday, March 25, 2011

I need parachute pantaloons

I leave for London in a few hours! Currently in denial that I am not nervous.
So I plan on taking a heavy dose of Gravol and Nightquill and not seeing the light of day until I land.

Phrases like "Who let me do this!?!?" are running through my head. I am wondering why I am here and where is the nearest escape hatch cause I am about to fling myself out of it.

I am jumping. I was first excited for this because it was a new adventure and I wanted something thrilling in my life. I love change. So it was mostly about that for awhile, the excitement, but over a period of time though things changed.I felt like God was making me focus on all the things that I could share and teach, making the benefits for myself nothing.When God wants you to do something I feel he will also give you the heart to do it and the desire. Or maybe that desire was already there? I don't know but when I first said yes to this crazy charade I was all about how I would be changed and how much it would help me and my spiritual life. And I am sure this is true but now I am finding myself more focused on how much I can give and how many lives God can impact through a willing person. So many I think.
So this is what I want... a pillow and a blanky, crackers and cheese, a very willing heart, and for my first day in Africa to be nothing but sitting and laughing with people I don't know yet but will.

Right now I am sitting in the airport thinking about getting a caramel machiato from starbucks (will be my last for a year!) just chillin talking to Jesus and oh man... it feels really good, and so good to relax it is ridiculous.


  1. this was my fave so far. love it, love you. so true. you are one fully growing woman. tears!

  2. Laaaauuuuraaa you're a blessing wherever you go! God will care for you on this CRAZY adventure, and I wish I was right there in Africa with you!!

  3. I passed by the fridge and took a saying off of it that I want to share with you... "Wherever God puts us, our one great aim is to pour out a wholehearted devotion to him in that particular work." Oswald Chambers (I often need reminding of this) I love you so much...Just keep jumping!

  4. Laura, you rock. I love your blog--your writing is great/sounds just like you talk!

    What everybody else said, and I also like cheese and crackers. A LOT.

    p.s. I know you're IN Kitwe now. I can't wait to hear your first impressions (though maybe you're going through so much it will be hard to express).