Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So soon...

I leave in approximatively 15 days everyone!!! (insert shock and awe..)
God is being so cool and faithful. As I am trying to get everything together to leave hes just lining everything up for me and giving me all my needs.. so rad. My faith is just getting madly increased and my conviction and confidence of going has reached 100%
Let me just give you a teeny example of how rad my God is..
Three days ago I still needed $1055.24 for my trip, Over the weekend I received 1615.10! HAAYYOOH!!
Can I get a HALLELUJAH!! Raaaise the praaaise!


  1. awwww! thats so rad!! im so excited for my baby sister. you make me so proud :)

  2. Thats so flippen amazing!! crazy how God provides even when we think it's too late hey? SOOOO excited for you LauraLoo!

  3. Thanks Andy, Deets!! Give JC all the praise He is so so rad! :)