Friday, July 29, 2011

fuzzy wuzzy was a bear...

This is where my hair goes in the evenings to have a good time and to hang out with its friends, gold miner hair, trappers, fur traders, prospectors, Goldilocks, miners etc, you know how it is. Sometimes getting tangled up in the wrong crowd though... baahaha I kill myself... 

Saturday, July 23, 2011


This day was a day of pre-washing all the lovely fabrics I had just purchased at the kerrazy market, also it was also a nice day to play around..

Gusty lady

I am so sneaky

All strung out.

The End! I am off to bed it is late here and early there Goodnight folks!

OK Laura stop procrastinating and update your blog already.

I wrote this blog earlier today, I started out by complaining about the very few things I do not like about Zambia and expressing longings of being back home with the efficient line-ups, being in S-bucks with my delightful caramel machiato, enjoying the lack of language barrier etc. I will stop there don't get me started again.  
So instead of the cons I want tell you some of the many things that I love about Zambia and if I had to leave right now I would be sincerely sorry for it I assure you.  

  • Zambians in general are so rad, and very kind. 
  • The fabric here is faan freakin tastic and cheap. 
  • Zambia has made me learn how to cook and bake oh my! (I have realized no one is going to do it for me also Liz hates to cook sooo.. there you go. I made muffins for the first time today Hallelujerr!).
  • The patience these people have is incredible (Example: If we had to wait in a line-up for 5-10 minutes we would be impatiently sighing and staring at our watched making sure the cashier can see us. I waited in a bank here for 2 hours once with a room full of people also waiting and there were no angry mobs.)
  • CHURCH. Church is so rad here everyone is dancing and singing their ain't no fear. Don't care about the person next to you because they are so in love with Jesus that people just want to express it in their fly moves and by singing at the top of their voices. Tis a good time. 
  • When you get on the bus you get preached to before you leave the terminal. Seriously if someone were to do that in Canada they would get arrested. So I just love this so much.
  • Organic stuff is cheaper than non. This is a miracle in itself.
  • I get to wear flippy floppys all the time! Good bye you silly closed shoes, hello weirdly tanned terrific feet!!
  • The ladies I work with :) They are so fun and hilarious, love em.
  • My students Sometimes they drive me up the wall like the other day they were trying to imitate the Korean accent for about an hour holy grail. But then when I hear, "Teacher Laura, I really like this class I don't like to miss it." My insides get warm and I remember that they are such a good bunch of kids. 
  • I have an avocado, guava, and a mango tree in the back yard! YUM
  • There are lions and tigers and bears here OH MY not to mention one of the seven wonders of the world pfffft no big deal..
  • I get to be shown every day what a blessed life I have been given, I am learning to be content and to be so very grateful for what I have. 
  • I get to see the most amazing kinds of faith, the kind you only get when you are completely and totally relying on God for your day to day needs. So cool.
So whats the verdict Victor you might just inquire? And I will tell you.. Somehow I ended up in Africa and I would not want to be anywhere else so there! So there. Pshaw.  

In conclusion:
Another thing I really like about Kiwe is that their pet stores are on the side of the road, I always see this guy he can be holding dogs, kittens, other peoples dogs, pigeons, and chickens at any given day! I look forward to passing the pet stores on the daily.

Oooh looky! I get to barter!! I like that we get to do this buuuut I am really bad at it and I think they can sense this... 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

still sailin

Ok I am sorry! I promise to write you a nice long posting and tell you what has been going on in my life very soon! Probably tomorrow... or the next.. Just know I am doing great here and I hope you doing great there in the land of cheeseburgers and french fries which I currently have a hankerin' for! Eat a fry and think of me will you? 

Here is a nice little sail boat picture I took to appease you.. look how nice and appeaceful it is....mmmm....... 

Appeacful? get it? oooh maaan too funny. 

ALSO If anyone wants to have an monthly email updatio from me send me an email: or give your addy to me on face book and you will be added to the list currently I have four people.... yeah whats with that?? Wouldn't you like to hear about all the trials and tribulations in my persecuted life??? Not really persecuted but on the bus back to Kitwe last week the little girl beside me wiped her nose on my sleeve and that was the opposite of fun... K done rambling looking forward to your emails!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


This has been in my head to draw for some time and today I had a day off so Ta Da! Lemon joke.