Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Hug

We had just stopped at the Fig Tree Cafe (yum) for a cappuccino and a rest on our way back to Kitwe from Lusaka the capital city of Zambia. This is the best cafe shop I have ever been to in this country, their cinnamon buns and hamburgers and cappuccinos are mouth watering glory.
I wanted to change out of my Chitenge suit and into some comfy elastic waist band pants as it sucks to wear tight clothes on a road trips and more importantly.. I was preparing to eat a burger.. yeah you know how it is don't pretend you don't! I've seen you jump into those maternity pants at thanksgiving and at that buffet table!! And loosening your belt at pot-lucks... yeah I know your kind.

I went to the washroom and there was this baby girl no more than three years old waiting for her sister outside the stall. These huge brown eyes locked with mine and she stared at me for a second not really sure about this mazungu in Zambian clothing. But before I even said hello to this beautiful little girl she came over, stretched out her arms and still looking up at me hugged me around the knees and smiled. If my heart was made out of butter which it might be after that burger, it would have melted right out of me. I wanted to put her under my arm and take her back to Kitwe with me she was so cute!! Top ten best moments.

I had a great weekend hanging out with my fellow missionaries and Zambian friends, we went to Lusaka for the opening of anew Village of Hope just outside of the city in Chongwe this little community. It now has four houses, four mothers and aunties with children, it also has a free community school not sure what grade it goes up to. It is a beautiful spot. The ceremonies were great all the children from the village and the community school sang us a few songs and prayed over the houses and schools. My camera died after the first song though a little cheesed. But its all good and we got home safe and sound. This morning I am off to the Village I am supposed to be taking the youths for a field trip up town to buy fabric but lets see what happens cause you never know there might be a change in the program you just have to learn to be flexible. Like these ladies! I'm sure they are they have the snazzy outfits to prove it.

Your mission of today:
Surprise hug someone!! It could be a neighbor, friend, post man/lady, cashier, random person!

Don't fail me!

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