Saturday, September 3, 2011

Chitenge Suit!

There is a Bible college right next door to the Village of Hope and working there is a sewing teacher named Leah who teaches classes and takes customers as well.
So because my methods of sewing and pattern making are much different I wanted to see the Zambian way! Liz and I took fabric over to her shop and she told us all about her class and showed us all the projects they do which was really nice then I asked her if she could make me a "Chitenge suit" and if I could watch her. She said for sure come back tomorrow and we will start!
Alright this lady is amazing, I came back the next day with my hot pink chitenge material (glorious) and it took her all of an hour to make the pattern and then about three hours to sew it! It also helps that she has been a tailor for eighteen years, I really hope to be that fast one day.

Her hand is a blur

And in case you all are wondering if I have become Zambian.... it's so true!! Just need to get a sweet tan.

This is actually incredible difficult I think I made it 3 steps  
Hey there snazzy lady where you goin' with all that class?? 


  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE that last photo!! I never had a kitenge suit made when I was in TZ. And yes, it's spelled with a 'K' there. And YES I miss you.

  2. Thank you!! When I get back I can make you one! I am bringing back a whole suitcase full of fabric so stoked
    I MISS YOU TOO! Wish you were HERE!