Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ni Shinga ichitenge?

Ichitenge shopping! Or fabric shopping as you Canucks would say. It cost around 60,000 Kwachas for six yards of Ichitenge cloth which works out to about two dollars a yard in Canadian mula.... Holy Grail. I am going to break my wallet and my back with all the fabric I am going to bring back home!!
The market is nuts so many people I almost went bananas. I am learning how to dodge (Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, Dodge) people, chickens, cars, wheel barrels, questionable road splatters etc. Adventurous! :)

This was when I was purchasing fabric for the skirts with Charles the (Youth Empowerment Program director) and Lizzy. He came to make sure they did not over charge us. In the market a lot of vender's  would like to charge us "rich Americans" double or triple what they might charge a local. Even when I go back to the same places they try to charge more and claim that the prices have risen so I say Ahwaay!!! (Means NOO in Bemba said: ahhway not away) "Be honest, ni shinga ichitenge?" And then they give it to me for the regular price. It helps if you know a lil bit o'Bemba, I fool them into thinking that I know what I am doing. So I am learning how to barter what fun! :) I need to go back soon to buy more fabric, the girls are almost done their skirts and the boys almost done their shirts and then we will switch.

Our friend Diane who works in the market sifting something. Beautiful smile.
I am sorry, you said you wanted a pair of fur lines galoshes? But of course we have some!
I have left the job up to the students to find a place where we will sell our beautiful clothing as I don't know my way around that well yet! This is the Chasokonee Market where I go to buy the fabric.

Albert pinning his shirt getting ready to sew.

Anne working on her skirt.

Eliacy modeling her skirt 
This week my students will be done our shirts and skirts, we will talk a little bit about small business, and then the boys will make skirts and the girls will make the mens shirts. Our week besides work has been a good one, we are still in the process of getting our working visas which has been tough but I know we are supposed to be here so we will get them I am not worried but if you would like to send a prayer up for us that would be appreciated. I was able to open up a bank account even without my working visa which was what they required so praise the Lord I will finally be able to get money sent to me after two months of begging and borrowing. Glory! 
We had a very relaxing Sunday I slept for about 3 hours Amen. And now I am going to read Pride and Prejudice for the third time since being here. Thither! Henceforth! Onward! Forthwith! Tis so great.

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