Sunday, June 5, 2011

blurred nature, painting or water reflection. meh, your choice.

Africa seams to be a little bit of a blur right now... or is that just how quickly time is passing?? I have been here a lil' over two months now and I cannot say it feels like that long.

My comfort level increases everyday, the other week I walked to the bakery up the street all by myself. I put my big girl panties on and took a gander. I am no longer screaming when I see a cockroach, I am learning how to cook (Mum sang a Hallelujah chorus when I emailed her for recipes), and I have finally trained my students not to call me "Aunty" (shudder) I don't care if it is a sign of respect you are ageing me. They now call me "BaRaura" or "BaNaura" which is also very respectful i'm told so I will ignore the missing L and feel very honored. :)

Everlyn, the Village director, also says she is going to find me a husband so I can never leave! How nice... scared.

PS Missing home but not enough to want to leave.. sorrrry... I still have love for you.

PSS Ate chocolate cake, sipped Tim Hortons coffee and watched the hockey game today! And it felt so great.

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