Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Raaawrrr.. clop clop.. grunt... snap... crackle.. run

Well HELLOOOooo there!! I have not seen this blog in quite awhile! Just what would be the reason you might ask? Well friends, family and friendly fresh water fishes I have been having adventures and frankly have been having way too much fun without the interwebs so my apology is only directed at you who are missing my little updatios. First time viewers my updatios are circular in physicality and taste something like cheerios only better.
Yes, admittedly I am rambling but this is what blogs are for it's the compelling factor right? Right? Actually probably not I think in reality you might want to hear something solid and chew-able so just don't let your cheerios sit in your milk for very long or they'll taste like sugary sponges. Eat quickly!

My week has been filled with unexpected stuff well like always really, no surprise there. You never really know what your week or even your day might bring here in Zambia so it is best to not plan to far in advance and if you are planning on doing missions in the future please do grow a sense of humor it will save your bacon. I HAVE NOT HAD BACON IN SO LONG. Bacon, bacon, bacon. OK let's focus. Still loving it in this beautiful country and man am I wondering again how I am ever going to leave. I just realized this today.. today marks almost exactly four months until I pick up my life again and move back to the mother land! So weird. You do not know how fast time goes until you take a look back. My life may or may not be very weird without this place, definitely at first.

I have been working now with the grade elevens from the community school in the Village of Hope and am liking it, I have noticed more of a desire and earnestness to learn in these students. I think they are very appreciative that they also get the opportunity to get some more skills and I am very glad that I get to teach them.

Their first task is to draw squiggles and lines on paper then take it to the sewing machine to practice their machine control before starting using thread.

This girl on her first day in the class was already designing away. 
This was my very first group, I have three groups from Wednesday to Friday broken up but roughly I have about thirty eight new students. Soon these three groups will be starting to make tote bags and then on to aprons.

Last Tuesday I got back from a nice little jaunt in the South Luangwa National Park in northern Zambia. Some rad friends of mine had an extra seat in their truck so they invited me along it was so much fun! I finally got to see some African wild life Hallelujerr! We slept in safari tents which are basically large tents you can stand up in and have an open washroom at the back. Yes the washroom area has walls but that really didn't help me with my neighbors, they got some sneak previews through a gaping hole in between the tent and the washroom walls yep, the opposite of fun right there. It was in the middle of a 'Swiss Family Robinson moment' feeling like I was in that movie having a shower under a water fall, where in actuality I was right where I was, with a gaping hole in my bathroom and a large gap in my partition... Right at that moment I heard a small voice... ''Uhm Laura? I'm just gonna close your tent flaps here, you are giving a show to the hippos.'' Wonderful. Swiss Family Robinson moment gone.

Since it's been way too long since I last blogged I have a present for you!.......

Zebra bums!! Oh, you are welcomeAlright ill give you a good one. 

What did the the female lion say to her husband when he came home late?
Quit lion around! haaaha ok that was a bad one..
Why can no one trust a lion?
Cause they're always lion duhh.

(Lion jokes dedicated to Savvs the punnyest of them all:)

Talk to ya later folks!


  1. Still lovin your blogs great pics where they yours?

  2. Thanks Lauriiie!
    All the pics I took meself