Monday, May 16, 2011

What? I didn't tell you about my first day in Zambia???

Day one in Africa. I don't want to forget to tell you about it! I got off the plane in the sweaty humid air and walked for the first time on Zambian soil..pothole..ashfault..pothole... It was a beautiful sunny day in the rainy season so this was a good sign! After Liz and I got through getting our Visa which took about an hour somehow we ended up being last in line so I was praying heartily that our bags would still be there on the other side. They were raise the praise! So we went out and were met by a missionary lady in Lusaka who was to help us get to Kitwe... by bus. I was a lil' worried. The advice they gave us was: make friends with the bus driver, be the first to get off the bus at the bathroom point or hold it (for 6 hours), and always watch out the window to see if people are making off with your bags at stopping points. Greeaaat.

The lady hooked us up with a taxi man who navigated us through what felt like the whole of Lusaka before we got to the "bus station" which basically looked like a run down hot dog stand with a few buses around. We had about 7 suitcases betweein the two of us and we stood guarding this mountain of luggage while they put masking tape on each one and wrote with a blueberry Mr Sniff It marker our destination... It also takes four men to do this job, if you didn't know now you do! So we got our entire lives and then some on the bus and then got on and managed get a seat together yay. I ended up being on the isle which I don't mind but these isles are about a foot wide and some of those ladies have quite the baadonk!! So I am trying to avoid getting hit by what I never wanted to get hit by so many times while Liz has her face mashed against the window trying to see if anyone is running off with our luggage. So far so good!!

So keeping in mind that Zambia is a Christian nation a preacher man gets on the bus and starts preachin away getting louder and more animated as he goes whilst skillfully dodging the large behinds, I know I was impressed. He was getting so into it so I started throwing in an Ahmen and Halleluhia! Preach it brother! Every now and then it was really fun. I think it spurred him on though cause he kept going for another 45 minutes.

So we finaly got on our way I was super jet-lagged so I would wake up suddenly with my mouth hanging wide open and drooling not even realizing that I had gone to sleep, juuusy love it when that happens I was very attractive let me tell you. Only a couple days ago Liz told me that the two kids across the isle from me would stare at me with their mouths and eyes wide open watching this lovely sight. Awesome! haha. So after about 6 hours of sweaty sleepyness we got to Kitwe and were met by Everlyn Village director and a team of guys to carry our luggage for us Halleluja!!!! Happy dance!

We finally got to our destination place both of us swearing up and down that we will never take the bus again. Lets see what happens! This was the first of many adventures in the life of Laura the Explora and I didn't want you to miss it. A whole year is ahead of me, there is going to be many laughs and many tears I am sure, but each day here is an adventure and there is always something to learn. I know already that I would rather be here learning the hard way than not be here at all.

PS You made it to the end YAY! I am pleased :)

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  1. Oooooh my dear! this had me laughing so hard. Keep recording these memories, even if only for yourself you won't regret it!! praying for you girl <3